Mar 21, 2018


We can finally reveal the newest flavours to join the Primula Cheese Flavour Burst line up that will satisfy the taste buds of our cheese-loving nation… Paprika and Peri Peri!

Primula Cheese ‘n’ Paprika combines the smoky spice with Primula Cheese, and Primula Cheese ‘n’ Peri Peri boasts a super spicy flavour with added lemon. They will both now join our incredibly popular Primula Cheese ‘n’ Jalapeños in the range that adds an intense, cheesy kick to meals.

With three options now included in the Flavour Burst range, each one has been graded on its spiciness. Paprika delivers one-chilli heat, Jalapeño delivers two, and Peri Peri packs the biggest punch with a three-chilli rating.

Lisa Thornton, Head of Marketing at Primula, said: “We’re delighted to launch our brand-new flavours this week. Our customers love experimenting with a variety of flavours, using our cheese to liven up their everyday meals, and I’m confident both Paprika and Peri Peri will be firm fridge favourites in no time.

“By adding these new flavours to our much-loved Flavour Burst range, we’re recognising that customers want a choice when it comes to their fiery accompaniments. Primula Cheese ‘n’ Jalapeños has been so successful since its launch early last year and now our milder, smoky Paprika and powerful Peri Peri can also be on hand when reaching for an added cheesy kick for tacos, fajitas, burgers and much more.”

Shoppers will find the newest Paprika tubes in Morrisons stores across the country and are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for an announcement on Peri Peri’s new home soon.

These new products add to our overall growing collection of flavours which already include the classic Original Cheese, Cheese ‘n’ Jalapenos, Cheese ‘n’ Chives, Cheese ‘n’ Ham, Cheese ‘n’ Prawns, Cheese ‘n’ Smoked Salmon and Light Cheese.

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