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Feb 12, 2024

Primula shares £37k with local charities in 2023

At Primula Cheese, our profits go beyond taste – they go to making a difference! As we are owned by Kavli Trust, a charitable foundation, we're on a mission to give back. In December 2023, we proudly donated £37,350 to three local charities chosen by our team: Youth Focus North East, The Children’s Foundation, and Pathways 4 All.

The surprise? We invited the charities to Primula, making them think they were pitching for funding. Little did they know, the cheques were already written! Youth Focus North East, for example, received crucial funding to sustain their work on the Springwell Estate, providing a safe haven for young people impacted by a tragic knife incident in 2022.

Photography: Youth Focus NE

The youth work charity received £22,350 from Primula to support their work with the young people in Springwell, an estate near the Primula factory. From weekly activities to advice and support, Youth Focus North East consistently enhances the lives and well-being of young people.

The work Youth Focus North East has contributed to the young people's lives has positively impacted the local youths’ confidence to learn new skills and get involved in schemes that will help them go into further education and employment. Before Youth Focus set up provisions in Springwell, the young people had little trust in adults because they’d felt unsupported and judged. Now, with Youth Focus’ support, young people in Springwell have a safe space to spend time with friends and have a voice, which has improved their lives.

Photography: Primula ltd.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued impact of Youth Focus in Springwell and encourage you to explore ways to get involved and support Youth Focus North East. Visit their website here.

The Children’s Foundation focuses on enhancing the health and well-being of children and young people in the North East, with three main focuses: Early Years, Mental Health, and Physical Health. Our donation of £10,000 supports the Baby Box Project, providing essential items for newborns to support crucial learning and development, such as speech and mobility and valuable tools and information for families on a vulnerable parent pathway referred by local Midwifery teams.

Photography: The Children's Foundation

We are grateful to support such a worthwhile cause and look forward to The Children’s Foundation's community impact in 2024. Find ways to get involved here.

 Meanwhile, Pathways4All, dedicated to disabled children, left our headquarters with a £5,000 cheque to help enhance their outdoor play area.

Pathways4All's mission is to provide specialised play and leisure facilities for disabled children and young adults. Primula's donation will enhance their outdoor play area for SEND children. We eagerly await seeing the new equipment in action soon. Find out more here.

Photography: Primula Ltd.

We're thrilled to back these incredible causes, knowing our contributions will touch lives in our community. At Primula, sharing has been ingrained in our ethos for the past sixty-two years as part of Kavli Trust.


During 2023, North East communities received £1.24 million in donations from Primula and its owner, Kavli Trust. Kavli Trust contributed over £3 million to UK good causes during the same period. Learn more about causes Primula have supported on our news page and the Kavli Trust here.

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