Primula | The Original Creamy Cheese - Squeezy & Spreadable
Squeeze more into every meal
The world’s first spreadable cheese in a tube Tell me more
EASY, SQUEEZY, CHEESY The question used to be “what can you put Primula cheese on?” but now the question is what can’t you? With the only limit being your imagination, you’ll want to try this marvellously moreish burst of flavour on just about everything you set your eyes on.
Ready for the making You could say we know a thing or three about cheese. After all, we’ve been squeezing the day since 1924. If those years of creamy crafting have taught us anything, it’s that the cheesy good stuff is perfect for every day that ends in -y
(that’s all of them!)
Primula Mature Cheddar, our cheesiest squeeze Our New Signature Blend Mature Cheddar Cheese adds a touch of luxury to daily meals and snacks, capable of elevating lunch and dinner with a tasty cheese spread. Squeeze, spread and savour the cheesy, creamy goodness. Delicious!
We're the squeezy cheese that creates change
Back in 1924, Primula began with big dreams and even bigger taste buds. Now, as part of the Kavli Trust, we’re proud to bring that creamy, squeezy, cheesy flavour to taste buds around the world. All while donating every pound of profit to good causes both near and far. We’ve been helping people squeeze more flavour into life with every tube, and last year we contributed nearly 8 million pounds* to charities that do serious good.

We believe that if you’re going to enjoy great cheese, you should do great things too. Part of our great thing is making an impact on the lives of people, their community, and our society as a whole.

It’s a simple mission that makes a huge difference.

*Source: Kavli Trust Annual Report 2020