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Celebrating 100 years
All our profits go to good causes! Find out more
NEW! Limited Edition Cheddar & Chorizo Our Limited Edition Cheddar & Chorizo squeeze is now available in Iceland stores! Celebrating 100 years in style, our new squeeze is a delicious addition to our cheddar range and we can't wait for you to try it.
100 years of making squeezy cheese Since 1924, Primula has made squeezy cheese for generations around the world and right here in the UK. From providing cheese to troops during World War II to becoming a household staple, Primula Cheese knows how to squeeze the goodness, not just out of a tube, but into the hearts of those who try our cheese.
The famous squeeze We were the first to make squeezy cheese in a tube! Those who tried Primula have loved the easiness of squeezy cheese for generations. The versatility and convenience of our unique format and business model makes us unlike any other – the squeezy cheese with a mission to give back to good causes.
Giving to good causes As part of Kavli Trust, Primula have loved sharing with good causes since 1962. Giving is at the heart of everything we do at Primula, and it is all down to the people who have been a part of that journey from day one. For those who have worked for us, with us and squeezed our cheese for themselves and their loved ones, supporting good causes wouldn’t be possible. Thank you!
We're the squeezy cheese that creates change
Back in 1924, Primula began with big dreams and even bigger taste buds. Now, we’re proud to bring that creamy, squeezy, cheesy flavour to taste buds around the world to support good causes. We’ve been sharing goodness with every squeeze of cheese for over 60 years, and last year we contributed 3 million pounds* to charities that do serious good.

We believe that if you’re going to enjoy great cheese, you should do great things too. Part of our great thing is making an impact on the lives of people, their community, and our society as a whole.

It’s a simple mission that makes a huge difference.

*Source: Kavli Trust Annual Report 2023
Kavli Trust
Our history The history of Primula Cheese is as unique as the squeezy cheese itself. From our Norwegian heritage to giving to good causes, we really are the cheese with a difference.
1924 the world’s first in 1924, Olav Kavli developed Primula, one of the first long-lasting cheese spreads.
1929 Our UK launch We made it across the North Sea and into homes around the UK. Kavli also developed the word's first spreadable cheese in a tube.
1931 Primula goes global More cheese, please! The 30’s see Primula spread across Scandinavia and Europe. Next stop: the rest of the world.
1936 The first UK factory In order to ensure competitive prices in the UK, Kavli had to establish a factory in the country to produce Primula. Kavli's eyes fell on Cramlington, a small town 14km north of Newcastle. The factory was completed in 1936.
1939 The Team Valley Manufacturing and sales requirements at the time meant the factory in Cramlington was no longer suitable for producing cheese. The new premises in Gateshead met the needs to produce Primula. We are still here today producing the squeezy cheese you know and love.
1951 Primula providing for British troops Sales rocketed from 1948-1952 because of large orders from the armed forces. Primula was popular as war rations, as well as an ordinary sandwich topping. Large orders for British troops made the Gateshead factory very successful for Kavli.
1956 Primula in NYC Primula was sold to the US market, exhibitions and radio campaigns with 'celebrity couple' Faye Emerson and Skitch Henderson promoting Primula. Larry's in Brooklyn, New York proclaimed 'it's new, try Primula Spread Cheese.'
1962 Kavli Trust est. With no heirs to leave Primula to, Knut Kavli (Kavli’s second generation) established the Kavli Trust to support our charitable work.
1977 Primula name stays in the UK Kavli decided to replace the Primula brand name to Kavli for the Scandinavian market, except for here in the UK. The Primula name was just as important to our customers as it is now.
1989 Give us a squeeze, Louise The 1980's brought in new challenges, however the Primula brand remained strong and we introduced Primula dips for the first time in 1989 which were a huge success in the UK.
1995 The only cheese you can squeeze The 90's saw our 'there's only one cheese you can squeeze' TV ad. Primula Cheese spreads, it also squeezes!
2011 Proud to be cheesy In 2011 we travelled to a lot of UK food fairs where we offered festival-goers samples of our delicious squeezy cheese. With the help of our mascots Nibbles, of course!
2022 And beyond Producing cheesy goodness remains at the core of Primula Cheese. In 2022 we donated £83,000 to Feeding Families to provide food boxes for those in need as a result of the cost of living crisis.
Kavli Trust Today The Kavli Trust helps make change possible by supporting charitable causes across the UK and around the world by providing sustainable investment in research, culture, and humanitarian efforts. As the sole proprietor of the Kavli Group, the Kavli Trust makes sure that every pence of profit that isn’t reinvested into creating new flavours goes to supporting charitable work.

Over the last fifteen years, we’ve proudly donated over £100 million to good causes, with 2019 seeing a record-breaking donation of £10.2 million — all thanks to you and your love of cheese.
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