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Jul 6, 2021

Squeezing the joy out of every day of the week

It can be easy to fall into living for the weekend, but after spending so much time in lockdown dreaming of our freedom, now is the time to ensure we’re making the most of every single day. And there’s no better season to practice joyful living in than summer, when the days are longer and the great outdoors are so inviting. 

With that in mind, here are some ideas to help you squeeze the joy out of every day of the week this summer… Pick and choose, or challenge yourself to give them all a go this week if you’re really craving some joy!

Monday: Get your week off to a good start with some form of joyful movement. Head out for a stroll in the sunshine, make a playlist of your favourite songs for a little kitchen dance party or stretch it out with some yoga. Whatever you do, savour those positive endorphins!

Tuesday: Plan a mindful moment today. You only need ten minutes, but for those ten minutes try to soak up the present moment as best you can. Enjoying a cup of tea in the garden, playing with the kids or cuddling a pet are all great ways to get started.

Wednesday: Make the most of the lighter evenings by heading out for a picnic after work. Choose a pretty spot where you can enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer, and don’t forget to pack a blanket and all of the family foodie favourites.

Thursday: Squeeze some joy out of Thursday by using something that you’d usually save for best. Wear your favourite summer outfit, spritz the expensive perfume you only use on special occasions or finally light that fancy candle - and of course, savour the joy it brings you!

Friday: The weekend is almost here, so why not embrace those wind-down vibes by reclaiming your lunch hour? Eat lunch away from your desk, curl up with a good book for half an hour, or take some time out in the fresh air - enjoy every second of that Friday feeling.

Saturday: We’ve all been apart from our loved ones more than we’d have liked this past year, so spend some time today catching up with the people you missed most over lockdown. Even better, fire up the BBQ! What more could you ask for than good friends, delicious food and lots of laughter?

Sunday: The last day of the week calls for some good old-fashioned fun! Think about what you loved to do as a kid and see if there’s any way you can weave some of those tasks into your day. Making daisy chains in the garden, riding your bike or playing a game of football are all great ways to reconnect with your inner child. 

How will you be squeezing the joy out of every day of the week this summer?

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