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Spreading joy with every squeeze
Squeeze it. Spread it. Dip it. Share it.
Primula Cheese tubes
Our Favourites These famous tubes are favourites for a reason. Our all-around savoury superheroes are perfect for every occasion.
Primula Light Cheese tubes
Something light Light on fat but full on flavour, your favourite spread still has all the cheesy taste you love.
Primula Cheese tubes
Flavour burst Keen for something with a little more kick? Our flavour burst range turns the tasty dial up to 11.
Tube of Burger Cheese
Bring on
the burgers
Enjoy that classic burger taste and avoid the drive-thru queues! A squeeze of Burger Cheese brings mouth-watering metability to every bite.
Tube of Perfectly Plant
Plant-Based Goodness Perfectly Plant is a delicious vegan spread that’s just as delicious as our Original.
Vegan Society approved.
Get dipping Do the dip with 4 fun flavours. They’re so good you almost won’t want to share with your friends. Almost.
FEED YOUR IMAGINATION Smoky Paprika Quesadillas Cheesy, smoky Quesadillas – what’s not to love? This classic combo tastes great anytime, anywhere. get the full recipe