Nominate a charity - Primula
As we are owned by Kavli Trust, all our profits go to good causes. Our mission is to help improve the lives of people, their local communities, and society with each squeeze of our deliciously creamy cheese.

Primula is a cheese with a difference and as we are owned by Kavli Trust, we donate millions of pounds to projects that enhance people’s lives every year. As responsible as we are moreish, we find and fund projects that positively impact people’s lives in our community.

To celebrate 100 years of Primula Cheese, we’re giving you the chance to nominate a charity or good cause making a real difference to lives in your local community to receive a share of £25,000.

100 Years of Primula Cheese

Primula Cheese was established in 1924, so 2024 is our 100th birthday! For 62 years Primula have been sharing goodness with good causes as part of Kavli Trust. Over the last decade alone, we’ve supported communities with over £71 million*! In 2023, over £1 million was donated to UK causes*.

How It Works

Primula invests sustainably in marketing, promotions, and infrastructure to ensure we continue to grow the amount of money we’re able to share with good causes.

But, unlike other businesses, no fat cats are taking the cream of profits. Instead, it’s all given to good causes, making a real difference in people’s lives.

Nominations are now closed!
Youth Focus NE Youth Focus North East is an independent charity with the overall vision to improve the lives of young people through high quality youth work. They operate in Gateshead and Middlesbrough and support projects that improve young peoples health, wellbeing, employability and education.

Being a teenager comes with its own challenges, but challenging communities and circumstances at home can make it even more difficult and unsafe for young people. Youth Focus North East aim to provide safe spaces for young people to spend time with each other off the streets but to also provide a voice for them to create change in their lives and their local community.

Following a tragic knife incident in 2022, the team at Youth Focus North East set up provisions in Springwell, Gateshead to provide a safe haven for the young people impacted by the incident in the community growing their confidence and trust in adults. Our donation of £22,350 will support Youth Focus North East to continue their admirable work in 2024.

The Children's Foundation The Children's Foundation is a children's charity that improves the health and well-being of the most vulnerable and marginalised children and young people in the North East by making serious stuff fun!

We donated £10,000 to the Children's Foundation to support the Baby Box Project, which is all about supporting babies in the North East to have the best start in life. An entire baby box includes a mattress, bedding, essentials, developmental toys, and books to get families started with baby care. Our donation will support 40 families with baby boxes to support crucial care and development.

Pathways 4 All Pathways 4 All identified the need for leisure activities for disabled children and young people in the North East. Their mission is to provide specialist play and leisure facilities for disabled children and young adults to promote their well-being through social opportunities.

With a £5,000 donation from us, Pathways 4 All are able to update their play area equipment specifically tailored for SEND children. The play area within the Tim Lamb Centre provide a safe space for the children and young people to play happily with family members and peers.