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Our mission is to help improve the lives of people, their local communities, and society with each squeeze of our deliciously creamy cheese. We love to share and that’s why all profits from our fabulous cheese support good causes here in the UK and around the world.

Primula is a cheese with a difference, as we’re owned by the Kavli Trust, every year we donate millions of pounds to projects that enhance people’s lives. As responsible as we are moreish, we find and fund projects that positively impact people’s lives in our community.

To celebrate our 60th year of sharing our profits, we’re giving you the chance to nominate a charity or good cause making a real difference to lives in your local community to receive a share of £45,000.

Sixty years of sharing

The Kavli Trust was established in 1962, so 2022 is its 60th birthday. Over the last decade alone, we’ve supported communities with over £62 million*! In response to the challenge’s communities faced in 2021, £7.8 million* was donated to good causes.

How It Works

Primula invests sustainably in marketing, promotions, and infrastructure to ensure we continue to grow the amount of money we’re able to share with good causes.

But, unlike other businesses, no fat cats are taking the cream of profits. Instead, it’s all given to good causes, making a real difference in people’s lives.

Teenage Cancer Trust The Teenage Cancer Trust create world-class cancer services for young people in the UK, providing life-changing care and support so young people don’t have to face cancer alone.

Having cancer at a young age comes with its own particular set of challenges. TCT’s services put the needs of young people first and allow them to face those challenges together. They’ve built world-class specialist facilities in 28 hospitals across the UK, providing a home away from home for young people while they receive treatment.

Their Nursing and Support Services aim to provide support for young people diagnosed with cancer regardless of where they live. The donation of £20,000 will provide 500 hours of support for young people with cancer.

Changing Lives Changing Lives help people to leave behind the entrenched problems that have held them back and get back on their feet, living independently, safely, and successfully in their community.

We donated £65,000 to support their work with people experiencing hardships that many would struggle to imagine: homelessness, sexual exploitation, life-threatening addictions, mental and physical health problems, long-term unemployment and poverty, and more.

They’re experts in working with people experiencing the most complex of problems, providing holistic support to help them rebuild their lives, however long that might take. Working across four – often interconnected – areas to address the most common causes of social exclusion and long-term deprivation.

They’ve delivered over half a million meals to community groups across the North-East and support 14,000 vulnerable people and families every year!

CHUF, CHILDREN’S HEART UNIT FOUNDATION CHUF supports pioneering services to positively impact heart families, inspire hope and enable them to reach their full potential.

They support children and families who receive treatment at the Children’s Heart Unit based at the Freeman Hospital, by raising vital funds for equipment, facilities, aftercare, salaries and research that will make a positive difference to their hospital experiences and lives beyond treatment.

A new portable Echo machine was purchased with the £35,000 donation and used for paediatric cardiology reviews for inpatients at the RVI and provide essential congenital cardiology support to patients.

Their charitable activities go far beyond providing medical equipment and personnel; CHUF provides holistic care; offering opportunities for heart children to develop their skills and mature as any healthy child normally would. All of this contributes to our Heart Heroes’ ability to achieve their full potential. CHUF’s reach extends to the six District General hospitals in the vast Northern region meaning that more patients can rely on CHUF funded services to support care closer to home.

GREAT NORTH AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) was awarded with £26,000 to support their pioneering pre-hospital care to the scene, rescuing hundreds of severely injured or ill patients every year.

The aircraft cover an area of about 8,000 square miles and on board are specialist doctors and paramedics, who bring life-saving care to the scene of the incident, whether that is on a fell top, a roadside or in a city centre.

The £26,000 investment to the Great North Air Ambulance Service will contribute to two new paramedics joining the service, to help with their focus to offer 24/7 critical care support in the region. Front line staff are at the heart of this charity and without the 106 employees the service currently has, major traumas across areas such as Newcastle, Cumbria and Teesside would go unattended.

BEDE COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL £35,000 was donated to Bede Community Primary School where the importance and love of learning are at the core. They want every child to strive purposefully, be the best they can, and have self-belief in their abilities.

They believe that children should be challenged and stimulated within a happy learning environment. So, they will always provide enriched opportunities to raise their pupils achievements and help them become
strong, independent learners.

Everyone is regarded as having something worthwhile to contribute towards their school, community, and life, irrespective of their academic, ethnic, religious, physical abilities or social background. They strive to help every individual to see their potential, become the very best they can be and be proud of what they achieve daily.

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