We have just launched our latest marketing campaign ‘Love to Share’, which features a brand-new TV ad, highlighting our company’s unique charitable ownership.

Targeted at busy families, the ad aims to let our customers know that they have unknowingly been doing good for those who need it the most every time they’ve picked up a tube of our cheese.

Few know that all profits from the sale of Primula Cheese that aren’t reinvested into the business go to charities and good causes both internationally and here in the UK through our sole owner, the Kavli Trust.

In 1962, the Kavli Trust was established to continue Primula’s family owner’s social responsibility and charity work. Since then, £63.1 million has been donated to causes around the world, with £46.3 million of that being donated in the last eight years alone. Last year, the Trust donated £10 million.

Our Head of Marketing, Lisa Thornton, said: “We’re really excited about our ad going live today. Our Kavli Trust story isn’t one we’ve shouted from the rooftops in the past – we’ve always worked quietly in the background on this but now it’s time for this to shine.

“I think it’s really important to communicate that all our profits are given to good causes. I think that’s a pretty unique business structure – there are plenty of businesses out there that do great things for charity, but very few give everything away and that’s something we’re incredibly proud of.

 “People have been buying and enjoying Primula Cheese for generations and, as a caring and considerate nation, we feel they’ll be really proud to know that the cheese they’re using to whip up their delicious family meals is helping good causes around the world.”

The ad, and some of the supporting films that make up our digital campaign over the new few weeks, aims to show exactly where the money donated goes, whether it’s supporting education overseas, contributing to the care of cancer patients, or to getting young people into employment.

 Alongside its international work, the Kavi Trust also allocates funds for each Kavli site to donate to charity projects that benefit the local community which are nominated by colleagues. A combined figure of £102,000 has been donated in the past six months to five charities and good causes in the North East, home to Primula’s Gateshead base.