Primula | The Squeezy Cheese That Helps Create Change
The Cheese with a Mission
We believe that there’s more to life than making gloriously good cheese
(but that’s a great start)
We’re first for flavour Created in 1924, Primula Cheese is known and loved as the only spreadable cheese in a tube with the best range of flavours.
We love to share By donating all profits to good causes, sharing the love is as easy as enjoying our cheese. We support local charities and causes that improve the community.
We’re UK-made We’ve been proud to call Gateshead the home of our creamy cheese since 1962.
We’re the squeezy cheese that creates change
Back in 1924, Primula began with big dreams and even bigger taste buds. Now, as part of the Kavli Trust, we’re proud to bring that creamy, squeezy, cheesy flavour to cheese lovers around the world. All while donating our profits to good causes around the world and right here in the UK. We’ve been helping people squeeze more flavour into life with every tube, and in 2021 we contributed nearly 8 million pounds* to charities that do serious good.

All of our profits go to the Kavli Trust, which awards funds to deserving causes that support humanitarian work, research, and cultural initiatives around the world. The Trust spreads donations across lots of different organisations, with a special focus on important causes like children’s mental health and championing the cultural events that bring us together. Our goal is to help make a difference in the lives of people, their local communities, and to society as a whole.

Every squeeze of Primula makes a positive difference to someone’s life. We think that’s something worth sharing!

*Source: Kavli Trust Annual Report 2021
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60% Of profits support humanitarian projects
30% Of profits support research projects
10% Of profits support cultural projects
Our history Primula is a cheese with a difference. We’re owned by the Kavli Trust, a charitable organisation that donates millions of pounds every year to projects that enhance people’s lives. As responsible as we are moreish, we’re dedicated to finding and funding the humanitarian, research, and cultural initiatives that make a positive impact on people’s lives. Every time you squeeze, spread, and dip, you’re supporting worthy causes right here in the UK and across the world.
1872 Olav Kavli Born in 1872, young Olav grew up on a farm in the small village of Aro, on the Norwegian coast.
1893 Kavli est. 1893 Kavli was established in 1893 when Olav Kavli opened a tiny (but tasty) cheese store in Bergen, Norway.
1924 the world’s first in 1924, Olav opened his first factory. This is where he developed Primula.
1929 Our UK launch We made it across the North Sea and into homes around the UK. Kavli also developed the word's first spreadable cheese in a tube.
1931 Primula goes global More cheese, please! The 30’s see Primula spread across Scandinavia and Europe. Next stop: the rest of the world.
1962 Kavli Trust est. With no heirs to leave Primula to, Knut Kavli (Kavli’s second generation) established the Kavli Trust to support our charitable work.
2020 and beyond Kavli Trust Today The Kavli Trust helps make change possible by supporting charitable causes across the UK and around the world by providing sustainable investment in research, culture, and humanitarian efforts. As the sole proprietor of the Kavli Group, the Kavli Trust makes sure that every pence of profit that isn’t reinvested into creating new flavours goes to supporting charitable work.

Over the last ten years, we’ve proudly donated over £60 million to good causes, with 2019 seeing a record-breaking donation of £10.2 million — all thanks to you and your love of cheese.
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