FAQs - Primula
We wouldn’t recommend freezing Primula as it may burst the packaging and the cheese might separate once defrosted.
Once opened, please eat chilled Primula (140g) within 7 days and ambient Primula (100g) within 7 days.
We would always advise keeping Primula (140g) chilled at all times, with the exception of travelling home from the supermarket.
We undertake routine gluten analysis testing on all our products to ensure they are gluten-free, with the exception of Primula Burger Cheese which is not gluten free.
Primula is safe to enjoy during pregnancy as the cheese we use is pasteurised.
Yes, we’re pleased to tell you that our tubes are now fully recyclable so you can enjoy your favourite cheese while knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment once you’re finished! Please squeeze any remaining cheese from the tube and separate the cap before recycling.
As Primula is designed for human consumption only, we would always recommend checking with your vet first to make sure your pet is ok to eat our cheese.
That’s correct, all profits which aren’t reinvested in the business are donated to good causes in the UK and around the world.
Unfortunately, we don’t export Primula to the USA or Australia at the moment, but it is something we’re looking into.