We Heart Quesadillas

February 8, 2017

Quesadillas filled with Primula Cheese, bacon and apple. 

  • Yields: 2


4 corn tortillas

4 Tbsp. Primula Cheese - Use Primula Cheese with Jalapeños, for the perfect kick!

6 rashers of bacon

½ an apple finely sliced

Olive oil for brushing


1Cut each of the tortillas into a large heart shape.

2Brush one side of each heart with olive oil, and then fry over a high heat until ‘bubbling’ and browned.

3Remove and repeat with each tortilla.

4Fry or bake the bacon until crispy.

5Spread 2 tablespoons of Primula Cheese over 2 tortillas. Top each with 3 rashers of bacon and some apple slices.

6Place remaining tortillas on top.



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